What To Do About Spring

Sell your home and call me!  Haha, no seriously, email me kgp@rogers.com …..

Actually, it is March and I have been feely a little springy lately.  Usually I’m not interested in cleaning because I can only manage one thing at a time, like picking up those rubber bands laying on the floor from the newspapers that inevitably plug up my vacuum…then I get tired!  But lately I’ve been inpired to paint!  My favourite  decor specialist, Diana at Flohaus, is working on a home for one of my clients in the Beach, and the paint colours she chose are fantastic!  The main floor area is that certain shade of je ne sais quoi and definitely one of those colours you have to be there to get, sort of like the colour of a mushroom sauteed in butter…..mmmm, mushrooms sauteed in butter….not with the black bits though but just kind of a yellowy white brown, which I guess most people would call beige….nevermind, it goes with the granite counters.  Anyway, my favourite room is one of the daughters’ bedrooms, which is Tiffany blue with white trim and a white chandelier.  It’s very glam and I will definitely be posting pictures when everything is finished but in the meantime I am planning my own spruce up.  As much as I am grooving on the Tiffany Blue, I have a darker version of it as my living room accent wall.  I am thinking a lot about the colour yellow.  Pantone, the unseen gods of colour forecasting (would this not be the best job in the world, forecasting colour?)   get their inspiration from everything, including food and booze which they probably get to eat and drink for free while they drum up names like this:



This is the colour of 2009…This doesn’t really look like any mimosa I have ever drank….of course, when I make a mimosa it’s much lighter than that because I only put in a splash of orange juice and the champagne is much paler….okay I don’t put any orange juice in my mimosa, but I often eat a clementine alongside….okay I don’t eat the clementine but I peel it and give it to dog…ANYWAY, Pantone’s mimosa:  I love it, even though it’s “last year”, I think it would be a colour for a front door or  piece of furniture, even a powder room with a lot of white accents (and good lighting of course)…anyway, check out Pantone’s colour forecast this year and maybe get inspired:  http://www.pantone.com/pages/products/product.aspx?pid=757&ca=4

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