Kristin`s Guide to Going Green

The Ceili Cottage

Some people wait (and train) 364 days for this day to come and most of us think it should be declared an international holiday…March 17, St. Patrick’s Day! Get your green on (loden and camouflage don’t count, people!), your elastic waistband pants, and your dancing shoes and pick a pub and celebrate the man that drove the snakes out of Ireland. You have to love an event that encourages drinking before noon….the only time you can really get away with that aside from mimosas on Christimas is with kahlua in your coffee on snow days and on vacay with breakfast time mojitos. Of course there are loads of places to go in the East End but here is my driveby pub crawl: The Ceili Cottage at Queen and Leslie….I love this place even not on the High Holy Day… the inside always smells like burning peat ( an aquired taste) and it has an outdoor fire pit in the front that brings all pyros together in a huddle. The best pubs have little rooms and areas where you can socially compartmentalize or hide. The Cottage has areas inside, the prime spot is the bar where there is an oyster shucker shucking oysters. I love oyster shuckers the way other women love firemen….I don`t need to be saved but I guess I like to be shucked…

Then there is Murphy`s Law at Queen and Kingston Road…lots of levels, lots of space, get your spot early, it gets crowded! And also The Roy at Queen and Logan, it`s cute and the food is good. further east there is Fitzgerald`s at Queen and Scarborough Road and northe of that at Kingston and Willow is Mullin`s. Have fun and for Godsakes, pace yourself!

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