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Spring Pup Conan

AWWWWWWWWWW….puppies are out!  I can’t resist a puppy and there’s so many fresh ones out in the Spring!  Aside from my ultimate puppy fantasy, I’m pretty happy having an older dog, Betty,  who is 6 in the summer.  She is a squirming mass of misguided energy and “acts” like a puppy probably because up until 2 months ago, I thought she was part chihuahua and I forgave her for her savage behaviour, like the way Helen Keller’s parents did before they met Anne Bancroft in The Miracle Worker.  According to the doggie DNA test she took, she is 30% Border Collie (smart) and 20% Pomeranian (not smart)….maybe the rest of the woodpile is Chihuahua but even so, it didn’t show up in the test results.  She always seemed to have an old soul so who cares if she has no manners?  Okay, people cross the street when they see her scuttling along on the boulevard, straining and frothing at the mouth, but fear not, we keep her inside mostly.  I just read the most interesting book, The Art Of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein, which is written in the dog’s point of view about how he watches his family go through peril and wants to be reincarnated as a race car driver (oh, how I cried).  I think that about Betty, she is a little, old, tired, karmically challenged being who just wants to get to heaven (she has white  fluffy tufts that look like wings on her back) and they won’t let her in because she keeps on peeing in the clouds.  She is the cause of acid rain!  I love her so.  Anyway, Spring…along with all the sticky spittles of tree spew on my car, my house is full of tumbleweeds of white fluffy Betty fur…ACHOO ACHOO ACHOO!  Have you met me?  I have the loudest sneeze for a lady.  I made a cognitive decision several years ago to let my sneeze flag fly and man-oh-man, it’s good stuff.  So, vacuum, sneeze, vacuum some more until the bag is full, what better time to take Betty to Soggie Dog at 1054 Queen St East. 

Don’t feel bad for her….it’s all good at Soggie Dog!  They have bath stations where you wash your own dog.  The owner, Dawn, was there today to supervise.  They have a choice of shampoos and conditioners,  towels, brushes, and even a blowdryer that gets mores tufts away (we skipped that, too scary!).  At the end, Betty shook herself off and we shopped in the store which has dog toys, treats, and dog accessories.  So much better and easier than using your own bathtub, and now Betty smells like Mango Tango!   Sweetness!

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