Think Inside the Box

Day One of the Beaches Bikram 30 Day Yoga Challenge begins today.  This is me:  I ALWAYS say I’m NEVER going do another 30 day challenge and yet ALMOST ALWAYS end up doing it.  Never say never, just sumbit, that’s me from now on.  There is something about putting your name up on a board and then placing a sticker beside every day after each class to mark your completion that makes you feel like as successful as a preschooler who did a boom boom in the potty.  So what is it?  It’s doing 30 yoga classes in 30 days (this month of June), click here for details.  Bikram is the hot yoga in case you didn’t know.  Hot yoga in a heat wave falls into the category of fitness paradoxes (like the cardio fatty who sashays blithely on an elliptical machine and gains weight, Oprah and me).  Why would you do hot yoga in the summer?  Because when you get all wretched and sweaty in a hot yoga class, everything else, including being stuck in a traffic jam without air conditioning, seems like a cool breeze on the Riviera.  When doing a 30 day challenge, there is some preparation needed, emotional and otherwise.  A fresh new Sigg bottle, maybe a new outfit, and yoga matt.  A lot of laundry is involved also.  I have discovered Purex mixed with Borax washed in cold water right after class so the sweat stink doesn’t settle is best for keeping things fresh.  Also I do not use a dryer.  Two years ago, my dryer broke and I have been hanging everything ever since.  Not only am I righteous about it as a speaker of preserving the environment but I have noticed that clothes last longer.  And here is where I got my drying rack and Sigg bottle:

Binz at 1934 Queen Street East

Binz is one of those stores that anally retentive people spontaneously burst their butt plugs with glee when they walk into it.  Their motto is:  “Think inside the Box” which is pretty much my thoughts exactly. It is piled with gizmos and gadgets that organize your life and things you didn’t know you need but when you get it, you wonder how lived without it.  My favourite is the spork (above right):  the spoon that is also a fork!  Binz is expanding their store so more things to behold. I’m planning to organize my closets this summer so I will be shopping there for sure, if I get around to it of course.  That 30 day challenge makes me kind of mellow so we’ll see how that project goes, I’ll keep you posted!

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