Must Love Dogs

Vacuum Chek at 1882 Queen Street East

You know how sometimes you need to write a word and you intuitively spell it, then when you type it up, you look at it in disbelief?  This cannot possibly be a word, I must have dreamt it,you think,  then you actually have to look it up to see if it is so.  I have that with “vacuum.”  I can never believe they invented a word with two “u”‘s.  Crazy, man!  And then the store that sells me my vacuum bags for my beloved Miele vacuum (which I bought 5 years ago for 500 hundred dohallores…sp?) is actually called “Vacuum Chek Ltd”.  Some how the mispelling of “chek” seems to balance out the absurdity of the word “vacuum” and maybe there is an anagram somewhere.  Anyway, I love this place.  Max, who has been in the beach for over 10 years,  is our local Persian Prince.  He has a passion for cleaning.  He also knows everything about vacuums and carpet steamers.  His favourite brand is Miele, although he carries many others, including that Dyson that seems so cool in the commercials.  I think that Dyson guy is just looking for a date because when you see his vacuum in person, it’s not all *that.*  It looks like a toy (made in China, oh, just shut up)  and upon your first cleaning, will always look like a dirt pig with that clear plastic dust bin.   I remember in 1989 I bought a clear plastic purse by Patricia Field which was ridiculous because I carried a postcard of Morrisey and a teddy bear just for show.  And my wallet was in my pocket.  The lesson learned was that some stuff needed to be hidden, and so does your dirt.  This is the place to go to solve that problem and not only does Max give you a fine deal and teaches you the ins and outs of fine vacuuming, he loves dogs!  And he will tell you where to get the best Persian foode in the city (Pharmacy and Ellesmere, northwest corner)…I’m on my way….

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