Loca Goes Loco

Chino Locos tasty good burritos

Sometimes I feel like I’m the female version of that gobbling, carnivorous maniac, Guy from my fave show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network.  I love a hole in the wall!  And I love a meal all neatly wrapped up in an edible form, ie. falafels, rotis, and dosas, cutlery optional.  But you know, I’m not really a foode blogger per se, more a blogging diarist, so I will tell you what led up to my delightful first time visit at Chino Locos-tasty good burritos.

Freddy:  What’s for dinner?

Me:  I don’t know, I don’t have anything planned.  Do you have any ideas of what you want?

No answer.

Me:  Tell me what you want.

No answer.

Evangeline pipes in:  Not burgers!  I’m sick of burgers!  We need to eat healthy, blah blah blah….

Me:  Get in the car.

Chino Locos at 4 Greenwood Avenue off Queen St. East is a hole in the wall with a colourful sign that I have been passing by for months, intrigued. “I must try this place some day,”  I say to myself  and then promptly forget.  If Diners Drive Ins and Dives didn’t feature a Mexican sandwich the other day, I wouldn’t have thought of it.  Today was the day, by the way.  It’s a cute little place, not so much eat-in but you could if you want, with an open kitchen and a friendly staff of two.  It’s called “Chino” because the burritos have an Asian influence:  edamame beans and black beans and if you like, noodles instead of rice.  The owner/chef Minh La was there, and yes, he is loco crazy but also super friendly, check out their website here, call ahead to order and pick up or have them cater an event.  We ordered chicken burritos all around and they are delicious, filling, and healthy!  And they are mighty big burritos, I’m saving my other half for *brunch* tomorrow (and finishing off that bottle of tequila).

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