I is for Inspired

Julia Roberts having a relationship with her pizza in “Eat, Pray, Love”

A couple of days ago my oldest sister called and said, “Let me take you out to lunch for your birthday.  I know this great pizza place on Ossington.”  “Sure!”  I said.  I didn’t tell her my birthday was in May, I just figured she was confusing me with our other sister whose birthday is in August and I am not one to say no to a free lunch.  I brought my daughter, Evangeline, as a diversionary tactic so we could forget whose birthday is whose and the more the merrier.  We met at Pizzeria Libretto, 221 Ossington Avenue, just south of Dundas St West.  Ossington is a happening street, Evangeline and I had been there the week before to check out the Top Shop in Jonathan and Olivia just down the street from Libretto’s.  Oh how we love Top Shop in London where you can shop, eat, and get your nails done, why bother seeing Buckingham Palace?  Anyway, Libretto’s pizza is just like the pizza in Naples.  The crust is thin and soft, and cooked for 90 seconds in a super-duper hot oven.  I ordered sausage with chili oil and upon my first bite, I thought I was eating Indian foode, because the dough was similar to naan bread and then there was the mixture of flavour of fennel and chili.  It was a marriage made in heaven, and y’all know how I love Indian foode.  The others had the classic margherita pizza with an arugula salad and chocolate gelato for dessert.  I am dying to go back now!   That’s the thing about great pizza, more is better.  Then afterwards, Evangeline and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love.  Say nothing, I’m blocking my ears, I don’t want to hear your mocking taunts.  A couple of years ago, when I was part of a book club, one of the books we had to read was EPL and I loved it.  For one, it was easy to read because it was like a magazine article.  Also I had admiration for someone who could leave their life and go travel for a year.  “She’s so self-indulgent!” one of the ladies said.  In case you’ve been on another planet, this book (and now movie) is about a woman, Elizabeth Gilbert, from New York who dumps her husband, screws an actor, then decides to go on a trip for a year:  first to Italy to stuff her face and enjoy eating without having to worry about a muffin top, then to India to pray and find focus and coming to realize that ADD is part of God’s plan, and then to Indonesia to learn to love without losing herself in a man and then ending up in a book club.  And Javier Bardem is hot, hot, hot, hot, hot:

And why do I keep forgetting this?  Oh yes, because he is married to Sea Biscuit.  Meow.  Anyway, I loved the movie.  And Libretto’s.  And so maybe I won’t be going to Italy, India, and Indonesia for an entire year but in a single day I can eat pizza, take a yoga class, and troll the internet on ChatRoulette.  Life is good wherever you are.

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