Don`t Worry, Eat Cheese

 A brilliant ad campaign  from the real life Madison Avenue “Madmen”

Back in the days of Lard and Fluffy White Wonder, there was only one way to make a grilled cheese sandwich:  a slice of Velveeta in between two pieces of white bread, and fried up in a pan of rendered fat.  And just like the way someone decided to put a lime in a bottle of Corona, one culinary genius discovered the sublime awesomeness of dipping the sandwich in a dollop of ketchup on the side of the plate, with a pickle!  And then came the Kraft single (which still exists in the secret compartment in the fridge, don’t lie) and people started to use butter instead of lard, an improvement for sure.  Me personally, I don’t like the bread all greasy so I use a George Foreman grill, the most highly civilized piece of clutter in my kitchen.  Did you know you can use the grill to fry bacon so the strips are even and flat, not curly and burnt on one side?  Also I use real cheese, not a “cheese product.”  Leslieville Cheese Market is the place to go to explore the world of fromage:

Leslieville Cheese Market, 891 Queen Street East at Carlaw

The shop also serves grilled cheese sandwiches which will expand your palate and blow your mind:  you can choose your cheese, the bread is herb flavoured and it is served with a spicy chutney in lieu of the ketchup.  Crazy!  The owner, Michael, is very cute and drives a Scion Xb like me.  Last year, they did have the best booth at the Food and Wine Expo at the Toronto Convention Centre.  Click here and let the Leslieville Cheese Market cater your next event.  Eat cheese, be happy!

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