These Boots Were Made For Laying Around

The best part of Boot Camp, laying down

Boot camp started today.  I joined the army against cellulite so for 8 weeks, twice a week, I will fight my self-imposed war.  Amy from Quantum Physique( click  here for her website) is our drill sergeant.  She runs boot camps all over the city.  This one is in Cabbagetown near Riverdale Farms, I’m keeping the exact location a secret because it is the army after all.  The first day, there were four of us grunts, lunging and squatting, and scuttling like crabs between two pylons.  It’s the opposite of pretty.  Here is the grossest excercise, the burpee, although Amy makes it look easy:

I don’t think I put that in the right order at all but you get the drift.  You do ten of them and it goes against every natural instinct your body has so when you are done, you are shaking and coughing up all your past wrongs….beef jerky is not worth it anymore.  By the way, Amy has up her sleeve a patented little excercise that targets the sweet spot of cellulite refuge in a woman, where ass meets leg.  I’m not going to tell you what it is because in 8 weeks I want you to be jealous of me….will post the before and after!  And tomorrow the fresh hell is Spoga!  Spinning and yoga, then nap with the tv on…by the way check out my new blog here  CLICK HERE!!!

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