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  1. I’m just going to be direct here. Your blog and OkCupid profile turn me on so much that all I want to do is meet you in person to see if there is something about you that I would find repulsive.

    Alas, the odds are not in my favor. You don’t win if you don’t play.

    Anyway, you seem to enjoy what you do. Your blog is a good read so I wish you all the best.

  2. I’m going to be more than direct here. I’m sending you pictures of my crotch. Right now! In fact…as I’m…typing this…no shit!!! I didn’t just get turned on by your profile, I came reading it! I was avoiding cumming here, because you said I could visit here OR eat your pussy. I think I would really enjoy eating your pussy. Did I blow it? Shit, was that some kind of test? Did I pass? Maybe it was some kind of Zen Koan shit, like the sound of one hand clapping or something like that.

  3. Ha ha ha ha … haaaaahhhh oh lol oh -ahem .. lqi lqi …. ¦¦ laughing quietly inside ¦¦.

    It’s a girl .. thank God , thank you MS. Kristen Peterson . Boys deal with far too much violence, and perceived threat. I ass U me , assuming woman are gentle , peaceful, caring and selfless people who give a Shiite a shit .. Doctors without borders , I guesstimate more woman are in the field of care for the wounded, malnutrition addressed, comfort given, patients are left with a smile . You are responsible for saving the Earth my friend while old me are dead and the lazy quick way to riches upside down backward society your born into wasn’t your fault so time to dismantle societal norms , get on it , will to do one good genuine thing (action) in your existing time of awareness , don’t concern yourself with God , do you believe in LIFE , then God is , do you believe in hell a bad trip , that would be Evil, we choose one or the other i.e individualistic Lies For gain – GREED

    AtroykA Achronika Elwood Troyopolistically Hagerman

  4. Old “men” are dying, power voids like free spheres for REAL NOW NOW NOW Change . Voting, joking , local yokel , politic polite police our local surroundings live in the wild don’t Bulldozer Zamboni the forest , I don’t want to see thru the trees thank you much .. my neighbour appreciates the privacy though without need for fences , tree cover that.
    The City & District of — “NORTH” VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA (Asians north west and south are majority population , British ??? Where .. where , tourists yes residents , mixed race , the blood in Vancouver is strong a mixed marriage culture though Italians and Greek hold there own hmm oh well.. everybody from the world lives here , The Metro Vancouver region from White Rock South west to White Cliff North East wide .. too much movement from local control hahhhhhhhh fµck see backward politics land grabbing by bully city . Oh well

  5. I mean to say NORTH VANCOUVER is a perfect example of dense cedar forest, fir trees 50 metres tall , um 30 stories tall with many stories to tell by the ring core samples , the weather, environmental and growth stories , warmth, rain, drought … ideal section is the
    LYNN VALLEY community grotesque beauty gargantuan forest as you stroll down your sidewalk you are an ant , trippy sober phenomenon .. the Lynn Canyon diving 48′ , kids grow up jumping for a deep glacier fed pool 30′ deep though appearing so small a pool from this height .. the pool runs into a raging rocky brook , swim immediately against the current to slippery mossy “shore?”. Not safe. The pool the size of a master bedroom, 23 have died all tourists , few locals miss . While mountain Lions puma, cougar above on the branches we not knowing nor aware their there .. , lynx, black bears strolling down your sidewalk you took from him though he has territory that encompasses the residential development on the foothills and mountain side . Wild community and the most Couth of people sustaining , yet , why build on a mountain side. Google North Vancouver Grouse Mountain .

    Thank you enjoy where ever you are and whatever your Doing 😈 😐 😇

  6. Hey there I found you on OKC and think your profile is very interesting and I’d love to get to know you more. How about we chat it up and see what cuz I just finished reading your blog and was wondering when I could finish that 2nd part you posted on your profile

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