Weekend in Cabbagetown


Uh oh, the month of May is around the corner.  This is both good and bad.  My birthday looms, another year older and I still haven’t written that novel.  Also I have to update the sticker on my license plate and I am probably in for a rude awakening with some forgotten unpaid parking tickets.  But the month of May is one of the most vibrant and hopeful months, anything may happen.  Even jaded old me gets a jolt of mojo juice in May and I’m ten times more likely to participate in any given activity.  On Saturday, May 1, Cabbagetown is holding an evening Art Salon where you can visit Victorian homes, drink cocktails and buy art.  Sounds like my kind of night!  Also on Sunday May 2 between 4-6 pm, one of my favourite local artists, Angelene Tulett is showing her work at 295 Carlton Street, east of Parliament.  Her paintings are bright and playful with a surreal quality. Angelene is an OCAD grad and also teaches art to kids.  Here she is and here is some of her work:

She will do commissioned paintings and you can contact her at:  angelene_tulett@yahoo.ca

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