Tea for Troubles

I have a crush.  No, it’s not that guy at the gym who doesn’t know I’m alive in spite of my volcano of pheromones that erupt when he’s near by.  I’m over him (not really).  No, this is just a celebrity which is the best kind because you can be as impractical as you want in your fantasies, I have a special little one about Robert Pattinson where I am 20 years younger and he is my tennis instructor.  It’s a convoluted little reverie that’s more exhausting than it’s worth so I leave RPattz for my daughter to dream about.  My current crush is Ray Lamontagne and my  favourite song to play over and over again is “Trouble”.  I even liked it when the mullet boy, Alex Lambert, sang it on American Idol, and I was boiling mad when he got voted off.  I saw Ray Lamontagne on Elvis Costello Spectacle (love this show!) a couple of weeks ago and he has that Jesus Hermit look that I’m drawn to.  And that song pretty much sums up my state of mind these days.  Worries, worries, worries!  What to do about worries?  Last week when I was at The Brow House, I checked out the store next door called Steeped And Infused, 1258 Queen Street East.

The tea selection at Steeped and Infused

Jennifer Best, the owner, was there to help me sort through all the teas as it turns out there is more than one way to swing a cat when it comes to brewing tea.  They sell tea accoutrements as well.  Jennifer guided me to a tea called Honeybush Maritime Cranberry (eases worries) and I got a teapot with an infuser on the lid so I can brew loose teas and maybe even mix them myself.  I like to have sun tea in the summer:  put the tea in cold water in the sun, steep, and then refrigerate.  There’s so much to choose from here and Jennifer is a great guide.  She’s as passionate about tea as I am about Ray!

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