What Happens in the Car Wash…

Okay, birthday week is officially over now that all the Champagne is gone.  I can’t NOT say the word  “Champagne”  like Bubbles from Little Britain, “Champagne for everyone!”  Although I never really drink the real stuff, just bubbly wine, it could be from anywhere, I don’t care.  It puts me in the best (and craziest) mood and I will not tell you what I did in the car wash at Queen and Kingston Road.  If I wasn’t such a charming LOCA (lady of a certain age), I could have been arrested and no, I wasn’t driving.  Anyway, there is nothing a like a super fun Champagne buzz to bring on the most profoundly existential angst-ridden hangover the next day.  Will I ever learn?  No, but what I have learned is to embrace my inner wretchedness.  First start with Vitamin Water, it’s brilliant for replenishing depleted nutrients, the ones that went down the drain in the car wash.  It is my daughter’s mission to try every flavour so the one I got yesterday tasted like a pina colada….not my favourite, I must say.  After getting plumped back by the fluids, keep moving, go to the gym.  The sweat will pour out even on the lamest elliptical ride.  Then lay on a mat or roll on a  stability ball.  Think about what you’re going to eat next and YES!  it can be grease!!!  In fact, it must be grease, Doctor K’s orders:

Great Burger Kitchen 1056 Gerrard St. East

I went here, Great Burger Kitchen, because I saw a Harvey’s commercial at the gym.  They use locally sourced, naturally raised, free range meat and!  AND! They serve poutine.  I ordered a Greek burger, ie. man repellent (feta, tzatsiki, and ripe raw red onion…kiss me!)  I also ordered the poutine and I’m wondering if you have to be born in Quebec to get this but I guess not because I have been noticing all these “gourmet” poutine places opening up all over Toronto.  I embrace this, although I am a purist and have yet to taste any as great as the poutine at Patateville on Laurier Blvd in Beloeil, Quebec.  I don’t even want to know if it’s not there anymore.  But the poutine at Great Burger Kitchen sure hit the spot and so did that burger.  The next burger I order, which maybe as soon as the day after The Sex and the City 2 premiere next week, will be the “voodoo” burger….salsa, spicy mayo, guacamole, balsamic onion…definitely will chase all the bad spirits away!

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