A Change in Weather

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, have you turned your heat on yet?  Me, not yet, but have been walking around in the house wearing a Snuggie.  I am thankful that the weather is fantastic and that the leaves are still on the trees so that the Chore Family next door won’t get any ideas for the long weekend, like raking while I sit on my porch and watch until the guilt sets it.  I am also thankful my sister will be making a turkey on Sunday.  Although, you know, the only way I really like a roasted turkey is when it’s sitting on the counter waiting for someone to cut it.  I like sneaking by, picking the greasy, loose, dark, bits at the bottom, and pilfering the pope’s nose while no one is watching.  Also  I am thankful that my deep fryer is broken and I won’t be compelled to host one of my disastrous Misfit Monday parties.  This is where I would deep fry a turkey and everything else I could get a hold of and invite some motley neighbours, get them liquored up, and then FIGHT!  The emotional aftermath to contend with was nothing compared to having to dispose of 16 liters of spent canola oil, and THAT little secret will stay with me until the end.  But I am sad about the deep fryer though because a deep fried turkey is a wondrous thing, even the white meat tastes dark.  Mmmm, meat….and speaking of meat, Meat on the Beach, 1860 Queen Street East is the place to go to order a turkey, or a ham.  And anything else including gourds and pumpkins because Halloween is just around the corner!        Meat on the Beach 1860 Queen Stree East

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