Mama Mimi

Mi Mi’s Restaurant, 668 Gerrard Street East at Howland

I was sick this week!  I don’t know what it was but it left me baffled and wanting my mama.  And soup.  Although I pretty much always want soup.  As a child, I ate it everyday in elementary school.  I would walk home for lunch (through the woods behind the sugar shack which was a mile from the school, true!) and I would slurp down a bowl of Campbell’s Noodle O’s while watching the Flintstones.  Those were the days, my friend.  I still jones for the old can but I’m more apt to make from scratch….not really, when I am sick I am part baby, part slave driver, so the recipe is here.  When I can’t wait for you to make chicken stock and need a heaping dose of mama love right away, I head to queen of noodle soup, Mi Mi (her real name is Ni) and her Vietnamese magic bowl of goodness.  I always order spring rolls first, then the mixed noodle bowl with bbq pork, it all looks like this:

first course:  Spring Rolls

The soup:  egg noodles, big fat rice noodles, and bbq pork

Also, speaking of the Flintstones, it was their 50th anniversary the day I ate the soup which was yesterday (am still a little delirious)…here is a little a tribute, a picture of Alan Reed, the voice of Freddy (who I named my son after!):

And R.I.P. Tony Curtis who was Stoney Curtis on my all-time favourite episode, here’s the you tube clip

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