Sex and the Shindig

Sex and the City 2

Last night Lorraine and I attended a special preview screening of Sex and the City 2 put on by the Women of Baycrest. All the reviews were in the papers that morning, The Globe and Mail gave it half a star and the Toronto Star trashed it also. Of course, the critics were all men. If I had to sit through a Star Wars sequel, I’d be pretty grumpy too. So I’m telling all you Sex and the City fans, don’t believe them! Go and see this cinematic eye candy with your best friends and bring a flask and enjoy! Lorraine and I had the best time. The Women of Baycrest know how to throw a shindig. Jeannie Beker hosted the screening and she looked amazing…subtle work? who knows, I am a fan! The audience was of course mostly women and the few men that were there were either gay or on a dare. To greet us, there were half a dozen hunky boys (hired, is there any other kind of hunk?) lined up by the escalators. The one that caught my bifocals asked me: “Are you ready to be Carried away?” Ahhh, the Cougar years, I am enjoying them immensely. Afterwards, the boys escorted us, all tottering in our stilletos, to The Roosevelt Room where we were greeted by Halston clad models holding trays of cupcakes. Again, what’s up with cupcakes? I feel stupid eating them. I wish I had brought my camera but purse was so tiny and stuffed with Tena pads that I had to use my iPhone to take pictures of the Halston Heritage dress gallery (available at the Bay):

We had delicious canapes and cocktails. Lorraine and I must have stuck out as the only goyim in the place because the lovely Jew-ells kept handing us their unused drink tickets. We danced (I’m a Single Lady, oh oh oh!) and had a great time and at the end, we all got a bag of swag! All for a good cause, click here and read about what the Women of Baycrest are doing for brain health. Best of luck, ladies, and thanks for a great evening!

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  1. Sounds devine! I can’t wait to see the movie. I may even totter on some stillettos as well. Enjoy the warm weather – it’s freezing here in Newfoundland. See you at the gym next week.

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