Give Me Shelter

This weather is CRAZY!  I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about perfect, sunny, warm days that make me disfunctional.  I lose my indentity, as though I’m meant to live in the land of the dark and dour.  When it`s cloudy, I don`t have to squint and when it rains, I don`t have to wash my car.  When it`s crap outside, I can be inside!  The other day, the weather was so bright and hot that I totally forgot to eat.  Me.  I forgot to eat.  It was 2:30 in the afternoon and I was getting ready to prospect that really nice upper beach neighbourhood south of Gerrard at Main when I started to feel light headed and delirious.  What is this feeling?  Thankfully Bret Michaels explained on Larry King what a brain hemorrhage felt like, and this couldn’t have been it. I figured it was hunger, in an advanced stage, normally I don’t let it get that far.   All that outdoorness made me forget about foode (I spell it that way on purpose).  Luckily right on Main, there was a restaurant calling my name.  Cool Runnings is a cute little Caribbean restaurant at 146 Main.  I would like to claim that I discovered this little gem  (they have another location at 2708 Danforth Ave) but as it turns out, everybody I know gets hankerings for roti and they go here or have it delivered.  But now that I have made my discovery, I’ll be going back for more.  Here it is half eaten:

Chicken roti, too good to wait to have its picture taken

The beautacious Eileen at Cool Runnings

And wash it down with a Red Stripe!  I felt like I was on vacation, the people were so nice!  I could have stayed there all afternoon, just to hide from the sun.

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