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Hello Dosa


Udupi Palace, Gerrard Street East, West of Coxwell

If there is one thing I know for sure:  All things can be folded into a pancake.  And what is inside should be kept a mystery just like a woman, and you will get my drift from the photos below.  Last week, the roti from Cool Runnings was my lady lunch, a folded over doughy thing with chicken and other stuffin’s, and what is in the gravy?  I have no idea, I don’t want to make it at home.  If you tell me what the sauce is, I may not want to eat it. And when I am making my own everyday sandwich out of whole wheat bread, Ziggy deli slices, and Hellman’s mayonnaise, I am thinking about you, Chicken Roti (or you Polish Mushroom Blintz, or you Greek Lamb Gyro, and even you, American Aunt Jemima with your fake maple syrup and faint taste of bacon grease).  The Dosa is the Indian version of this culinary staple.  It’s a pancake suffed with spicey goo.  Yes, goo.  Indian foode is my most favourite of all and therefore I truly do not want to know.  My purposeful ignorance is all about reverence and I want to remain in awe and wonder.  A couple of friends and I go to Udupi Palace in Little India when our hankerings are synchronized.  We order the paper masala dosa, check this out:

As you can see from the photo above, to get inside the paper dosa, you have to dig deep…you have to eat a lot of crunchy pancake material and dip it into the coconut sauce before you get to the slap chunk.  It’s work, man, no joke.  The thing is almost the size of the body of my Miele vacuum and yet, despite its volume, I could definitely eat more than one.  In fact, there is a dosa eating contest every year for Sick Kids Hospital, click here for the details.  I am thinking of entering it, I am woman, here me roar and watch me chew!

Give Me Shelter

This weather is CRAZY!  I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about perfect, sunny, warm days that make me disfunctional.  I lose my indentity, as though I’m meant to live in the land of the dark and dour.  When it`s cloudy, I don`t have to squint and when it rains, I don`t have to wash my car.  When it`s crap outside, I can be inside!  The other day, the weather was so bright and hot that I totally forgot to eat.  Me.  I forgot to eat.  It was 2:30 in the afternoon and I was getting ready to prospect that really nice upper beach neighbourhood south of Gerrard at Main when I started to feel light headed and delirious.  What is this feeling?  Thankfully Bret Michaels explained on Larry King what a brain hemorrhage felt like, and this couldn’t have been it. I figured it was hunger, in an advanced stage, normally I don’t let it get that far.   All that outdoorness made me forget about foode (I spell it that way on purpose).  Luckily right on Main, there was a restaurant calling my name.  Cool Runnings is a cute little Caribbean restaurant at 146 Main.  I would like to claim that I discovered this little gem  (they have another location at 2708 Danforth Ave) but as it turns out, everybody I know gets hankerings for roti and they go here or have it delivered.  But now that I have made my discovery, I’ll be going back for more.  Here it is half eaten:

Chicken roti, too good to wait to have its picture taken

The beautacious Eileen at Cool Runnings

And wash it down with a Red Stripe!  I felt like I was on vacation, the people were so nice!  I could have stayed there all afternoon, just to hide from the sun.