In His Shoes

Freddy’s Graduation Shoes

This Friday, Freddy is graduating Grade 8 from Bowmore Public School which means a ceremony in the morning at Monarch Park and some Baby Duck at the beach in the afternoon.  Problems include:  he needs to wear a shirt, tie, and trousers which is easy but it would be nice if he had some black shoes that are not sneakers.  More problems: He’s 14, part man, part weed.  He will not shop in the boys’ department anymore so he takes the smallest size men’s trousers at The Gap but his shoes…well, there’s where the weed part comes in.  His feet grow every 3 months.  Once his feet grew a whole size in one day right after he got a new pair of shoes. He walks on his toes so his shoes never really wear out so if you see something you like on his feet, let me know.  Anyway for Grad Day, I know that buying him a new pair of man-shoes that go with trousers would be sort of dumb because they would only be worn once so off I went to VV boutique on Queen and Logan:

Value Village at Queen St East and Logan

There were racks of shoes on neat display (which is why I love VV boutique, the tidiness and organization) and lo and behold, in his size 10, were a pair of Doc Martens for $15.   And ties.  And other stuff.  If you need something, like a lamp or a clock, that’s the place to check before you end up spending $800 in one of the antique stores nearby.  And do you ever get that retail therapy itch?  It’s where your mind goes blank while  you relax your gaze and let your hands  finger-f**k your way through racks of merchandise.  This is a harmless place to do this because the most you end up spending is twenty bucks.  I think this must be why men go to Thailand.  It’s cheap and no one will know.  There’s parking in the back so you can shop til you drop.  Nearby and around the corner are Rowe Farms and Brick Street Bakery:

Rowe Farms, 1 kilo of organic chicken wings for $9.95

Brick Street Bakery in Leslieville, 255 Logan Ave

Brick St bakery is right where the parking lot is so it’s crazy not go in and pick up an organic spelt baguette.  Listen to the fancy lady talk.  I bought one and I’m going to eat it with an organic honey garlic sausage from Rowe Farms.  There are hidden messages everywhere.  This is the truck from Value Village that I was parked beside:

Some pictures don’t need a caption.

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