Torontanimose Place

Buster Keaton in Pretend Film Jail

What a riot.  Not so much that G-20 shindig over the weekend where an army  hooligans  dressed in black costumes caused a big, fat rumpus downtown.  Anarchy is so embarassing, I can’t even watch that news.  I’m talking about the aftermath, what was all over the media  days after, where reports that “innocent people” were arrested for “nothing.”  They were sent to a makeshift detention center nicknamed “Torontanimo Bay” which is on Eastern Avenue.  A film studio, yes Pretend Jail.  Take a tour of it here from CTV News with Austin Delaney, who I’m thinking is pretty hot lately.  I’m liking his silver fox-ness, but he still has some dark left like that guy in the Touch Of Grey commercial….grrrr….experience and energy, he knows what he’s doing.   Anyway, all these innocent people who attended the riot trying to get their message of peace across ended up in jail and some of them were just minding their own businesses.  One man was detained for 12 hours and given 3 sandwiches.  The horror.  On Sunday, I would have liked a sandwich but my Loblaws was closed!   They were on *shut down* because the Disney Prison was a block away.  Yes, I said the Disney Prison because this detention centre  is actually a film studio.  If I had the where-with-all to actually travel to another city to attend a riot, I would be disappointed if I didn’t get arrested.  Wasn’t it part of the travel brochure?  I bet there were some hook-ups just like Melrose Place but with handcuffs, everyone was under 30 full of piss and vinegar.  I remember when I was a youth, in a mosh pit, if I didn’t come out with dislocated shoulder or at least a broken bra strap, I would feel I didn’t get my money’s worth.  The tour of the studio prison was fantastic…open concept port-o-potties!  All prison toilets you see in the movies or on tv have no doors, the officer expained in the news story.  I thought so!  In the sequel to Bridget Jones, there is an open air toilet as well as The Kiss of the Spider Woman. And I am pretty sure there’s a scene where that buffanted Sean Penn takes a full monty slash in Dead Man Walking, if there isn’t I probably saw him do it on TMZ.  How I do love a prison film.  In fact, I went trolling through some of the classics here:

The Fim Buff 1380 Queen Stree East at Greenwood

I do have a copy of Midnight Express, which I think I might watch tonight in honour of all the innocent inmates.  Now that’s a serious prison movie, take a peak here.  I haven’t seen this since high school, scared me straight! and haven’t eaten Turkish Delight since.  And by the way, school’s out for summer, which seems like prison, congrats to the grads!  And!  My 30 Day Bikram Yoga is completed, which is kind of a self imposed prison but makes me realize if I did end up in a cell somewhere (hot, of course), I’d have have something to do for 90 minutes!  Hmmmm, maybe crime does pay….

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