Ladies and Gentleman, The THUNDERMONKS!

The Thundermonks at The Boardwalk at Kew Beach on Canada Day

Hope you are all having a great extended long weekend.  It’s always confusing when a holiday lands during the week, what day is it again?  Why are Regis and Kelly on tv on Saturday?  Mine has been uneventful which is the way I like it.  The Chore Family next door are painting their entire front porch with Mac makeup brushes, two coats is the plan.  Needless to say it will take the entire four days.  But they put the carpet out on the front lawn and we are pretending it’s the dock at The Cottage and the porch is the boat.  When a motorcycle brrrrrms by on Kingston Road, I say, “Those damn speed boats, can’t hear yourself think.”  4 Steam Whistles later, I got a farmer’s tan.  As it turns out, sunscreen is required at Pretend Cottage.  And underwear does not look like a bathing suit.  My daughter was at a real cottage in Grand Bend, lucky girl.  Consequently, Betty-Dog, has been out of sorts and acting like a crazed, barking squirrel.  On Canada Day, I took her for a long walk on the boardwalk to get her spook out.  I don’t think it help much but I did enjoy the day, the weather was just so:  Sunny, not hot, breezy but not so strong the wind didn’t whistle through your ears.  I’m sure this is how I lost entire chunks of memory.  And as usual, there were loads of people out with their exposed flesh and their prison yard tattoos and unleashed pitbulls. How I love a parade.  Musicians were out as well.  You had to be there to appreciate the Russian man strumming his guitar while reading the newspaper out loud.  One group that stood out were four young guys called the Thundermonks.  They were sooooo cute, I forgot how old I was and I digressed to my 12 year old self.  I made my friend ask them what school they went to…it turns out they had just graduated from Etobicoke School of the Arts.  I quickly did the math and when the result came up, I was ashamed.  Anyway, they were kind of jazzy, hip-hoppy and really up-beat.  Their album “Get Fed” is available on iTunes (buy it!!!!) and they are playing at The Drake Hotel on July 21.   When I got home from my walk, I asked on of the teenage neighbours if she knew them (teenagers know everyone, look at their Facebook accounts) and as it turns out she is dating the drummer!!!!  I’m hoping she can get them to play on our front lawn/fake cottage this summer before they become too famous.    Check out their video  here .

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