I’m In With The In Crowd

The In Crowd on a Wednesday night, blithely unaware of who got voted off on “Survivor”

I’m a circumstantial hermit, socially speaking.  I spend the evenings with my dog and the t.v. but my day takes me all sorts of places where I see people and have conversations even.  A typical one would go like this:

Me:  Oh hi, Rhoda (random name), how’s it going?

Rhoda:  Oh great!  Went to Carlu last night for that fundraiser for cute abandoned puppies.  Didn’t you get my e-mail?

Me:  What e-mail?  No….

Rhoda:  I sent you an invite.  The food was fantastic.  All the booze you could drink.  There was a litter of Shiba Inu puppies there and celebrities, too.  John Stamos was at our table, you know he’s still single and he likes tall women.

Me:  Redonkulous!  (jokes, I would never actually say that, but I would watch Survivor, which is where that term became popular)  I want a puppy!  I love John Stamos!  and food and booze…..how come I missed this?

Well, here’s why how come:  there is an event invitation box on the right side of your Facebook page.  Now I used to get these in Notifications but you know how Facebook likes to shake things up, well I’ve been missing all sorts of things for a long time until yesterday.  I got in just in time to RSVP for POP!   a group art show at 920 Eastern Ave, which runs until October 31.  It’s open from 1-6 and I suggest you go if you’re looking to buy some art.  There were some really great pieces there by Heather Dunn, David Brown, MJ Steenberg, David Trevor, and Mary Wong.  There was a piece by Mary that actually made me gasp, it was a blue grotto…”grotto”  makes me think of the Playboy mansion and that episode of Sex and The City where Carrie and Miranda make a wrong turn, where all the bunnies are in the hot tub and Miranda says: “Look, tit soup!”  Yes, I watch too much tv, but I’m out now.  Here is what I saw last night and links to the artists’ websites below:

And here is the Blue Grotto by Mary Wong ( Christmas is coming, Santa):

And wait there is more.  A couple of hot cheese mongers from about cheese were there carving hunks and wheels of fine artisan cheeses.  And this is what I ate:

I love cheese, especially this batch and they actually sell it to Loblaws which is across the street which superhandy.  Go grocery shopping and then check out the show this week only until October 31!  910 Eastern Ave, Open daily 1-6 pm or by appointment 416-805-6740

click on the name for their websites:  Heather Dunn, David Brown, MJ Steenberg, David Trevor, and Mary Wong

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