I Resolve To Compromise My Resolutions

Another New Years Resolution goes tits up

Last year my New Years Resolution was to eat more pastries, no joke, I wanted to be more European and support the French Patisserie, Zane’s, down the street.  But I failed.  I think I ate two croissants in January and a kiwi tart in September.  2011 is the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar, although it officially starts in February, so why not become a gym bunny like every other rat on the planet?  Except I am always a gym bunny, or maybe more of a gym manatee since you can pretty much always find me in the hot tub.  On Monday when I went to the gym (Mayfair Lakeshore Racquet Club), it was so packed, all I could find was a mat to lay and watch all the newbies and bush-leaguers flailing on the equipment.  I’m just teasing with my disdain, the more the merrier.  I like fresh meat at the gym, you just never know what might come through the turnstile, hold the door!  It could be Mr. Right!  Now I’m just being a sarcastic old broad.  In fact I’m getting so old, I’m too tired to beat myself up, so yesterday I high-tailed out of the gym and went up to Evergreen Brickworks at 550 Bayview.  It’s a fantastic place, in fact I wrote about it on the Core Realty Blog which you should check out here.

Every year, without fail, I am duped into thinking:  Summer=Good, Winter=Bad.  It’s so stupid, I’m allergic to every flora and fauna out there.  Hot weather is a beauty hazard,  the heat makes my capillaries scream RED ALERT!  Then they pop.  I am too cheap and environmentally righteous to put on air conditioning and I sweat.  Then bloat in retaliation.  But in winter, everything changes.  The cold makes me tingle, the snow makes me feel warm.  Early dark days makes me want to hibernate which suits me fine.  In January, I can embrace austerity with vim and vigor.  My ancestors prowled and mated on icy fjords and survived on animal blubber, it is in my blood.  I am a winter Goddess, the outdoors is my gym.  And check out the hot dude I met on the trails of the Evergreen Brick Works:

Cody, the Shiba Inu at Evergreen Brick Works

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