The Dress! That Ass! Harry and Pippa Sitting in a Tree!

Well it really was perfect, wasn’t it?  No flies on this lot of royals.  There were many memorable moments but for me, my two favourite supporting characters that have captured my imagination are Brother Harry and Sister Pippa.  While Kate was ravishingly beautiful, blah blah, Pippa was actually sizzling hot in her white dress.  The twitterers were in a frenzy over her and as my #twittercrush pointed out:  “She not wearing knickers!”  Prince Harry was so cute, he always looks like he’s up to something.  Some deaf person read his lips when he mouthed out “Wait til you see her” to Prince William when Kate was walking up the altar.  I think he might have said, “I’m going to bang her sister” but we may never know.  Look at him grabbing his crotch while he stares at her ass.  Anyway, I feel like I can’t enough of this and I want a sequel.  Harry and Pippa:  Let’s get it on!

Other than that, I predict and I’m no Nostradamus, that hats will be big this summer.  In fact, I may go down to my basement where Hoardy McHoardington left all his crap and start making fascinators out of all the debris.  I’m sure I can come up with something like this:

I’m not actually joking, I have the crafting gene and a hot glue gun.  The sky is the limit literally.  These things distract from bad hair days which is perfect in the summer when nothing goes right.  This is not the mimosas talking:  Watch out for these on eBay.

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