Zombie Boy Loves Life


Halloween is nigh and in a timely manner, this dude, Rick Genest aka. Rico The Zombie, has been rocking the interwebs with his new Dermablend commercial.  Here it is if you haven’t seen it yet:

“Good luck being 60” is a typical response on the YouTube post.  I think that could apply to most us.  Being a 60 year old super cool zombie dude is a better fate than being 60 year old woman with a face frozen from the Botox and shiny from the vampire fillers.  Yes, they’re calling it a “vampire” lift nowadays, blame the popularity of Twilight and True Blood for making us want one.  Love the blood.

I love the Zombie Boy.  I think he needs a realty show.  Most of the pictures you can find of him are glamour shots. He’s got modelling career and was in Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video.  Beyond the ink, he is a 26 year guy from Chateauguay, Quebec.  He mostly poses all stoney faced but he’s very cute when he smiles. I’d like to see him brush his teeth and maybe do a Spinning class and go to Loblaws, the kind of stuff I do.

People will always respond to him no matter what.  I’d like to see him in Chinatown, I wonder if they would give him a wide berth.  When I walk through the T&T supermarket I get plowed over by tiny Asian ladies half my size, like I don’t exist.  I bet Zombie Boy could get them to move over for his pick of the dim sum.  Or maybe not.

I bet Zombie Boy will always have a date on Saturday night.  I’m oddly picky.  If I would hit it then who wouldn’t? Even those repelled by Zombie Boy would want to touch him.  You know how your heart pounds when you run into your crush?  Then your blood gets all pumped and your genitals swell?  It’s a fight or flight response.  I think if Zombie Boy walks into the waiting room of his dentist’s office, the people casually reading Newsweek would look up and have one of those coronaries:  WTF????  And then confuse fear with lust.  It happens to me all the time.

Zombie Boy would never have to go on a dating site.  Women fall over freaks, weirdos, and criminals.  It doesn’t work the other way round though.  Men hate anything wacky.  “She’d be hot if she grew her hair, lost weight, gained weight, got her teeth fixed, got contacts, wore makeup, didn’t have so many tattoos,etc…” is their endless stream of criticisms.  You never know what a man will like so it’s almost impossible to be yourself.  You might as well be a zombie….because good luck being a chicken lady!!

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