Mastering the Art of Wooing a Lady (OkCupid Edition)


“What is a beautiful lady such as yourself doing on this website?”


I re-activated my OkCupid profile last week. It’s been 7 whole days and I’m still on it! Last time I lasted less than 24 hours and the time before 5 whole days which led to that hilarious cub encounter buried deep in the archives, here let me pull that up for you.

I am having the best time ever! I tweaked my profile to display my sardonic wit which I thought would separate the men from the boys but it does not: “Message me if your dick is pointing in my general direction” separates the cobras from the turtles and that is alright by me. Age is just a number, right? OkCupid is a free for all. It’s a dick salad! Why are these people only on the internet? Where is the dick salad in real life? I don’t get it, but whatever, I AM GLUED TO MY COMPUTER AND I NEED A BREAK.

There’s a fuckton of dating sites out there and they all have their own flavour. I told you before I get mailings from match dot com, the morning scrolling of scrotum of middled age losers seeking breeding possibilities, gross. Then there’s LavaLIfe, so complicated and segregated: What if I am looking for Prince Charming AND an awesome Hate Fuck (more on this later)? I have to fucking write two profiles and think of more than one user name (the hardest part of joining any dating site). Also there’s Plenty of Fish which I think your mom is on. I guess I am your mom so I should shut up but I just don’t want to be part fish culture, it’s so fishy.

OkCupid is like a big giant sports stadium cum (lol) refuge centre after Noah”s Ark sank and everyone needed a place to go to change their underwear and grab a hot dog or whatever. Plus it’s a place where you can find out a lot about yourself and your inner desires, especially when you have to answer all those inane multiple choice match questions (which you can do at your leisure bits at a time). I do value intellect and a sense of humour and hopefully they get that random math question right because otherwise they will never find your Gspot. Some of the questions make no sense when you think about matching with someone, for example: Do you wear underwear? YES, EVERYDAY, I’M A SNAIL FFS. What if HE went commando? I don’t care. Does it bother him that I wear underwear? It shouldn’t. Does he like to keep his furniture clean? Stupid.

My week started out in a civilized manner. I re-activated my old profile with some CURRENT pictures PLUS my Instagram feed AND a link to this blog so you know I’m not a bot, I got nothing to hide. I got some nice cordial responses and an offer to go for drinks with asuper hot young dude who looked like post-modern Jesus as shot by Mario Testino who would probably be able to walk down any given street and every man, woman, and child (over 16) would want his number. They come and then they disappear into ether of the internet as though they are just a dream. Sigh.

Then on Sunday I tweaked my profile. I added some things and I answered all the bondage questions. Now I can’t breathe. So many messages AND I WANT TO ANSWER THEM ALL BUT I CAN’T!

So I have tips for y’all when responding to an ad, they are me-specific but they could be applied to anybody really, and please if you have any of your own, leave a comment below.

1. You need to actually read someone profile. I know that it hard in the world of ADHD mobile apps where you scroll and swish to the left and you have to keep fingering to til you get to your favourite OCD number (mine are sets of 12). But if you are going to message someone, you should read what they took the time to write. YOU SHOULD WRITE ONE OF YOUR OWN. I would rather see someone’s boneheaded list of 6 Things You Can’t Live Without be: 1. Beer, 2. my dick, 3. pussy, 4. more pussy, 5. your mom’s pussy 6. my cat than left blank. It’s not hard (that’s what she said).

2. When you leave your first message, don’t just say “Hi ;)” YOU NEED TO KNOW YOU WILL BURIED IN THE VERY BOTTOM OF DICK SALAD LIKE A SLIVER OF RAW ONION. Read the lady’s profile. Then you write: “Oh hi, I like your profile. I love fried chicken!” And trust, the lady will write back and before you know it, you will EATING fried chicken. Yes.

3. If the lady does not respond right away, wait. Oh my God, just because the green dot is on does not mean she’s a cable rep. She might just be eating her dick salad slowly, maybe she’s enjoying sucking on a kalamata olive, DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY. Try again tomorrow.

4. Just because the result of answering all those questions yields a low result of an under 50% match, does not mean you should dismiss that person. There is one question that got me thinking which was: “Could you have sex with someone you hated?” And I thought about it and YES.! YES! YES! YES! And now that’s what I want. I found someone I could tell just by looking at his face that I would HATE him and now I can’t stop thinking about him. He would totally NOT get me and think I was sloppy and ridiculous and I would think he was boring and tedious and would tell each other to shut up and we would look at each like, BLARGGGGH I HATE YOUR GUTS and then some jolt would come out no where and in an instant we’d be pounding each other in a rhythm that only the darkest jungle has ever felt. Five stars I gave him. I have yet to hear back.

5. Married dudes, let me redirect to Ashley Madison dot com. There’s a whole bunch of them with faces obscured, scrolling, trolling like they belong here. Some of them say they are in “open relationships” and their wives are cool with this. No judgment to any of you but this lady has no fucking interest. Literally. Nothing more boner-killing than a grown man who gets his kicks from sneaking around from his “mommy.” It’s just not hot. I don’t run on an appointment schedule, THAT IS WHAT A RUB N TUG IS FOR.

6. Setting up a date. This is the tricky part! Once you’ve had some clever back and forth banter, it may be time to move over to exchanging phone numbers. I made a rookie mistake by giving my phone number out too early and I like sleep at night with my phone on because I have kids might be calling from the police station. I DO NOT WANT PENIS PICTURES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! I know what it looks like and it’s not a visual thing for me. It’s the velvety tactileness that keeps me coming back. DO NOT BE IMPATIENT WITH THE LADY. Don’t forget she is a lone wolf, she probably hasn’t smelled a man in a while, she spooks easily.

7. If you say to the lady at ANY time: “Would you like to go for coffee” you will be promptly taken out of the dick salad and thrown directly in the compost bin. Lady does drinks. Not. Coffee.

8. If the lady disappears into the the internet ether, then let her go. It’s a fish stew out there for you, go get some.

I haven’t actually gone on an OkCupid date since that last one, two summers ago, so I don’t have any good tips of how to conduct yourselves, that’s up to you and your instincts. Also I promise not to blog (without permission of course, and I had permission that last time) about anything that goes on, as I am a lady. But the one thing I wanted to say, was THE BEST RESPONSE EVER was a gentleman who wrote me the most beautiful poem based on my profile that I will forever cherish. Who says the internet is not a romantic place?



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  1. Yo, dudette.

    I…l… I…

    Ize, you embar….

    I… ize, Please read.

    I… kmrghmh, I… ize, argh, khm.

    (How am I doin’? How am I doin’?)

    I am an old skuul type of guy, so I don’t make fun of dating websites. They are funny already on their own, no salt needed. (A lady of different drums: “I try to be a better person every day (ETC., 200 more words in the same vein.)” I: “How’s that working out for you?”)

    I wonder, Wonderwoman, if you could please give us a glimpse of insight of what men put in their profiles. Not me, I know what I put. I ask because 98 percent of university grad women on OKC say “I’m good, good hearted, generous, gorgeous, good with people, extravagantly adorable, consciencious, work hard, play hard, I am intellingent, very vivacious blessed with grace, honour, and some joie de vivre; I’m highly educated, very cultured and intelligent, both with street smarts and street dumbs; I am accomplished, I love my job, I love my cats, my children, my mom, my house, I garden, I am so happy I could die, I am this and I am that and I only have positively complimentary adjectives to describe myself with, otherwise you’d be accusing me of lying. I am not needy, I just want a guy, not need a guy. I adore intelligent men, with high intellect, and accomplishments; a stand-up sort of guy who is equally as comfortable in jeans as within a tux, handing out autographs to thousands cheering fans of his microeconomic theory or quantum mechanical know-how and he only loves me, me, me.”

    This is a typical female profile. You are not typical, lady.

    So what does a typoid man say. I sort of suspect men are self-derogatory, but don’t repeat the put-downs after them? A bit very much like yours truly. Men make jokes, women say “I have a good sense of hyumour”, and there is nothing funny in their profile. Men are worse, they are funny, I suspect, and they hurt you more than how much they hurt themselves. I’m tallking about the jokes, not the men. The men on this site are hurting all right, much like the women.

    Very few of us are philosophically correct enough to see and more, to admit, that we are just as insane as everyone else seems to be on the site. It’s incredible. I see gorgeous women, having the same photo posted for eight years in a row. ( I started on jDate, and these women are still trying to date — one stands out: she is gorgeous, ten years older than her picutres, she is a doting mother, she is a medical doctor, and I suspect a vile, vicious, malignant shrew. She’s tall. There are others, as well, plenty others, guys as well, no need to talk badly only about her.)

    Anyhow… one word of advice to guys who read my words of sh/wit (and can’t count to one, much like I):

    Say, a woman and you are hitting it off, so it seems. She waits a day to reply for the first time, then the next time she is not replying. You write, what up. You ditched me? She say, “no, silly, you’ll know when and how I ditchy you, right now I’m just busy with my son’s wedding, and my ex and I are trying both to sit at the head table and still not be in view of the other, it takes my time, I’ll write.” Or some sort of similar very good excuse.

    She is lying. If she wants you, she never leaves you alone. The bird has flown the coop, the dish has been collected. Nothing left to do. Go sniff out ‘nutter one.

  2. Do you ever get the feeling, most of the people on this site just look at the pictures and a voice inside their head says, ” Wow. I want one of those ” ? And then they just send a message thinking they must be your perfect match just because they liked your picture !!!

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