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Bootcamp in Cabbagetown

Daryl Hanna is a replicant machine in “Blade Runner”

Apparently Google thinks I am a machine.  According to the blog whisperer I went to see last week, Google doesn’t think I’m a human.  My beloved blog baby needs to be hit more to be alive and breathing.  You need to help me, let’s get my blog viral, like Two Girls, One Cup.  Tell your friends this post is about a bunch of broads and one kettlebell.  Seriously, get the word out, hit me often, and spread me around, take me to your forums and link me to your people.  Follow me on Twitter, too.

Anyway, I wish I were a machine.  If I were a machine, I’d be a replicant, like Daryl Hannah in “Bladerunner.”  How I loved that movie.  I used to pretend I was her in the 80’s and wear my hair all spikey and squeeze my pillow in between my thighs and pretend it was Harrison Ford’s head.  If I were a replicant, I would be fierce at bootcamp.  I would breeze through burpees.  I’d do backflips through the pylons.  My shoelaces would never be an faux issue.  I would hop out of bed this Saturday, November 6 and go to “Kick Bootie -No Duty” without being hindered by some sort of hangover.  You know what, it’s probably the best way to shake off the cobwebs anyway, so I will go.  My bootcamp guru, is Amy from Quantum Physique.  She is a fantastic trainer and runs indoor and outdoor bootcamps year round, all over downtown Toronto.  Check out her website here.  Her special Saturday bootcamp in Cabbagetown is FREE and it’s TWO HOURS so wear your Tena pads because there is a lot of jumping around.  Her website has the details.  And here is Amy, ready for action:

Kick Bootie – No Duty is November 6 from 10 til noon at Spruce Court Public School, 70 Spruce Street