Gidget Goes To Mumbai

Rogers at the Gerrard Street Festival

Yes, Rogers, I don`t hate you anymore.  I am still wary of your monopolizing ways, but you have me at  ON DEMAND.  In an effort to pinch some pennies, latte factor-style, I decided to give in to that bundle that Rogers offers where your phone, cable, and internet are at a supposed discount.  It turned out I would still be saving money if I gave in and got one of those boxes that I have been resisting for years because it’s just one more gizmo I have to break in.  Not knowing how to use something causes too much anxiety which is why I didn’t answer my i-Phone for a month when I first got it and why I took the TTC when I got a car with manual transmission.  It turns out I was afraid of nothing.  The box is as easy to use as my own, just press the buttons.  So for the past week I have been holed up in my darkened ashram watching tv.  I have seen Gidget twice because I can!  I can watch my beloved Dr. Oz whenever I want!  I’m able to order things, this is where the latte factor may not work out, except whenever I go to Blockbuster to rent something, I end up with candy and something from the previewed bin that I probably have seen before and will watch again when it aired on tv organically, which is why I have seen Bridget Jones Diary so many times that I should be embarrassed. None of it makes sense, latte-wise.  So anyway, yesterday, I decided it was time to turn off the tv (by the way, ROD has A Single Man this month, it’s fantastic, watched it three times!) and I headed up the street to the Gerrard Street Festival.  I love when they close the streets to traffic, it feels like you’re breaking the law walking in the middle of the road but you’re not because the cops are smiling at you:

Also I love eating while walking.  I had naan bread and tikka chicken from one of the vendors.  I’m going back for more today, and the Dosa eating contest in on today at 4pm!  The Calcutta-like heat wave is perfect for walking around the festival.  The foode is delish and the colours are spectacular!

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